Wassim Shalabi “Thank you very much Gloria Collins for your personal attention and for going the extra mile working on your weekends, properly listening, being very active, ongoing prayers, and most importantly because you cared. Because of you we got a decision not to cancel my 457 visa without having an actual sponsor or even a nomination, this was not an option for me until you looked into my case along with its associated hardships with care and a keen eye. Because of your support I was able to properly present a case for the kind Cancellation Officer and eventually get my relief from a predicament that lasted for months, what we achieved was really big for me and, with no hesitation, I will be back to finalise my migration matters with you and only you 🙂 ”
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Jale Samuel Cortado “I waited for almost three years for my wife and daughter to get their visa granted. They have finally arrived and we are living together as one happy family.

I thank God for meeting Gloria Collins in December. She helped me through the visa turmoil I encountered with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. I appreciate the full support she provided to my family and myself.

May the Lord God bless her so she can bless others too.”
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Cherry Penuela  “Ma’am Gloria Collins of World 2 Australia was a blessing to me. When I asked her to help me, she willingly and happily assisted me. My first impression of her is beautiful of course. When I met her, she was very approachable, very down to earth and respectful. She was indeed a beautiful soul with a kind heart. She was excellent and reliable in her field and I trusted her. We got my visa granted by God’s grace and I am very thankful to her.

Her knowledge and expertise in Australian Migration is highly recommendable to anyone applying for a visa to Australia. I can honestly say that you will not regret having the best assistance ever.

Thank you.”
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Louie Prieto “You have given an exceptional service. We highly recommend to anyone who needs an Australian visa. Thank you for your sincere assistance”
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Juhmar & Jennie “Yay! It was so quick! Many thanks to Gloria our migration agent who has been so professional, informative, helpful and always responds quickly to our inquiries. Gloria has been honest approachable and always on hand to advise the best route for us. Thumbs up to Gloria!”
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Annabelle Vargas and Jason Love “Gloria provided the most Professional services with the personal touch. She simplified the long complicated visa application, outlining the different stages in the process, documentation and other requirements. This eased a lot of worry and stress for Annabelle and I as all we had to do was provide the documentation needed. So thank you heaps Gloria….. Maraming salamat sa tulong mu Gloria…”
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Rogie, Krystle & Jorlhan – Gerona Siblings “Very Happy clients. We highly recommend Gloria Collins to our friends and family!”
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Nishant Shrestha “Gloria was of immense help throughout the visa application process. After graduating from University, I was very confused about my visa options. So, I sought help from World 2 Australia Migration Solutions.”
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Mike & Joy “During my visa application my partner was busy with his training courses. We were very stressed and anxious because we didn’t have any idea when and where to start the application process. With the help of Gloria (our Migration Agent) my visa application was easily processed before my student visa expired. Thank you for the excellent service Ma’am Gloria Collins!”
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Mary Ann Hall “Gloria will take all the hard work out of the visa process, which can be a bit overwhelming. She makes it seem so easy and works with you every step of the way, keeping you informed of progress and regularly updating you on the next steps. Gloria will bring you happiness – like she did for us! Thank you so much Gloria. You are the best migration agent on the planet.”
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Cheryl Joy De Guzman “Visa granted today!!! I am so happy! A huge thanks to Gloria Collins for assisting me with my 485 visa application in Australia. She was very supportive, polite, professional and quick to respond to my questions. She also took all my worries in the processing of my visa and I would definitely recommend her to everyone I know.”
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Joana Marie Alvarez Qunicina “My long wait is over! I am now practising as a nurse in Australia! I am glad that I met Tita Gloria. She has been very professional and transparent with me at all times. She has always responded promptly and provided me with a clear and straight forward answer. She stayed with me during my AHPRA registration and also whilst attending the IRON program to become a registered nurse in Australia. Cheers to Tita Gloria for being a part of my journey. May you be blessed always to help more people”
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Orlan and Cris  “Gloria was key in securing Permanent Resident Visas (189) for me and my whole family. She was the most knowledgeable, prompt & efficient, and accommodating migration agent we have met. Her assistance was really instrumental in every step of the way. But most of all, I think what sets her services apart is that she delivers them in a very personalised manner, really understanding how the whole application process may take its toll in the financial, mental, and emotional reserves of the family and she ran the extra mile with us to ensure every little detail is addressed.We engaged Gloria for her professional services but we ended up gaining a close family friend here in Australia. Words can’t express how grateful and lucky we are!”
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In recent years, Australia has increasingly become an attractive destination for migrants.Being among the world’s wealthiest nations, Australia certainly has a lot to offer migrants: a robust economy, excellent quality of education, rich culture, stable government, and better quality of life.According to the Department of Parliamentary Services’ paper Migration to Australia Since Federation: a Guide to the Statistics, “The rate of Australia’s population growth has increased significantly over the last five years largely driven by an increase in net overseas migration (NOM).The largest contribution to NOM in recent years has been from people on temporary visas mostly comprised of overseas students and temporary skilled migrants. “But moving to Australia can be a daunting task. Its complex system of 149 different visa subclasses can prove to be extremely difficult to navigate. Deciding among the overlapping visa types can be problematic. Using a Registered Migration AgentThis is why using Registered Migration Agents (RMA) can be very helpful. RMAs are dedicated to helping clients migrate to Australia.Since RMAs are registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), they possess sound knowledge of migration law and procedures. Therefore, they are able to give sound migration advice.Gloria Collins is a registered Australian migration agent with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Born in the Philippines, Gloria migrated to Australia in 1975—armed only with a student visa. She underwent general nurse training and applied for a permanent visa after finishing the program. Now, she has both a Philippine and an Australian citizenship. She was also able to bring her family to Australia by sponsoring them. Desiring to help others migrate to Australia, she took up Australian Migration Law and Practice. Being a migrant herself, Gloria knows exactly what migrants have to go through. Successfully navigating the ins and outs of the visa application process requires some expertise. One small mistake can be very costly. That is why expert advice is very valuable.Gloria Collins’ company, World2Australia Migration Solutions offers the following visa services to its valued clients:

  • Student visa – allows overseas students to study full-time at a school or tertiary level in Australia.
  • Prospective Marriage/Partner Visa – allows an applicant entry to and/or the right to remain in Australia when they are in a spousal or de facto relationship with an Australia citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen and are sponsored by their spouse or de facto partner for a visa.
  • Skilled Migrant Visa – is for migrants who are not sponsored by employers and who have skills in particular occupations and other attributes that will contribute to the Australian economy.

Gloria has devoted herself to helping her clients with their dream of migrating to Australia. Her dedicated and personalized service assures her clients that she’ll be there to guide them every step of the way.
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Dawn Manalang

Oct 25,17 I received my temporary visa it was brilliant and thankful the whole process only took for 9months, so speedy service.
We would like to recommend the world2australia migration solution, their knowledge and understanding of the system is wonderful and took all the stress out of the process.
Thank you for everything!!!

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Denys Kotsiuba Thank you Gloria Collins for your wonderful knowledge, very quick service and for just been an amazing person.

First when I and my Fiancé met with Gloria, she told us right away why we had problems what we had, and suggested a few great options.
She was very responsive, always answering our questions and had solutions to them.

Now we are very Happy couple, going with my Fiancé to the land of Kangaroo to start new life.
I would definitely recommend her to everyone who seeks a professional migration agent.

With love,
Denys and Irene
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Aira May Carandan

We thank you very much Ms. Collins for making our goal to coming to Australia possible this year. We don’t think we could have made it without you. We feel so very blessed to have chosen you to assist us with our visas application.

Having my fiancée Visitor Visa granted within just a very short period of time from the day it was lodged was already very overwhelming to us and yet today we’ve learned that our Prospective Marriage Visa has also been granted! We still can’t believe that all of these just happened.

We really thought that we would have had to wait longer than expected! And all these is because of your dedication and determination to your work. You have been extremely helpful and polite to us and you always made sure that every single question we ask is being answered.

We  would also like to thank you for your patience to us. We are hoping that you could help out more people like us and we can assure you that we are going to recommend you to other people who need assistance with their visa applications.

Thank you very much once again. You are an angel sent to us from above ????
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Lesty and Mat

I’d like to jump for joy today because I received my temporary visa grant in lightning speed. I applied in May 2017 and I got granted my visa in 8 months time. Wow! Gloria Collins was hands down amazing.

She got recommended by my sister. From the day I called her to inquire, she was very helpful and gave me all the necessary information we needed not knowing if we would take her services or not.

Months passed and not knowing where to start, we decided to have her help us because we wanted to be 100% sure everything was done correctly. We never saw each other in person, as she is based in Queensland and we live in NSW, everything was done by email.

Every time we had a question or uncertainties, she would reply right away and cleared everything out. Even when she was on her leave, she still managed to reply to our emails and texts.

She was very clear with everything that we needed to do and made sure we gave all the necessary and important documents and more. She is reliable and professional and I am so happy we decided to get her services because I would have been so lost with everything.

Thank you so much for all your help, Gloria and I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs it.

Now, I can stay in Australia with my family And we will always be thankful!

So happy finally our visa’s granted ..thank u saaming magaling na agent Gloria Collins makauwe na din soonnnn
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Danilyn Convers

Testimonial for s300 visa Gloria Collins,

Thank you so much, Gloria Collins because again my visa was granted (S300) or Prospective marriage visa yiiiiipppeee 😀 we are very happy couple right now because of her. She’s the only one who helped us in my visa issue. She’s very professional and kind person, she always has an answer for every question we ask her about the visa, such an amazing person. We wouldn’t be happy without her help, knowledge and expertise. Gloria Collins made the process so much easier.
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Now, Me and Denys are waiting for our wedding to tie the knot on February and looking forward to processing my s820 and s801 visas after our wedding. Very highly recommended to everyone who’s seeking assistance for professional migration agent.

Kind Regards,
Denys and Irene
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What a very good news i have just recieved! Truly such amazing work World2Australia Migration Solutions! I have applied for a Dependent Child visa under my parents Application on the 4th of January 2018 and here i am now granted with a temporary visa in just 6 weeks. Visa is granted on the 14th of February 2018. I am very much thankful for the help of our agent, Mrs. Gloria Collins for helping me with my application and for answering all my concerns thoroughly. Thank you for helping me to head on towards a new journey in Australia

Janellie Gimeno
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Congratulations, Bonjo and family! It is indeed a lovely day to celebrate. Thank you so much for your feedback and we look forward to hearing more blessings from you and your family in Australia.

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Words cannot describe how happy we are after getting our Visa Skilled – Regional Sponsored (SubClass 489), and honestly speaking it was not possible without Gloria Collins Professional assistance.

Moreover, I had difficulty with my previous agent; I was stressed and unsure of my future, my brother in Brisbane contacted her, and highly recommended her services.  I am from Pakistan and never been to her office (Australia), and I always thought communicating with her can be a problem but honestly speaking she was always available on email, calls and WhatsApp & responded promptly.

Gloria was extremely efficient in the whole process & committed to the success. We are extremely grateful and lucky to have gone on this visa journey with her.

You are a STAR !!!!!

Hats off to you & your services.

Thanks Again GLORIA.

The Rakesh Family
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Hi Ms. Gloria, this is my testimonial.

When I finally got an email from Ms. Gloria Collins letting me know that my Tourist Visa Sub-class 600 has been granted, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw it. It feels like I’m dreaming but it’s not and it is happening.

Even though my case was somewhat complicated since I am working for only 11 months in my company knowing that not all people like me can get this opportunity for just one click. But then Ms. Gloria stayed being positive that I can get it done.

On behalf of my Fiance, I would like to say Thank you so much for all your assistance in assisting us to get this done. We are so happy and relieved that it has gone through.

We thought that we will get this result for like two and a half weeks but it’s not, we got the great news after a week when Ms. Gloria lodged my Tourist Visa. Now, I am looking forward to spend time with my Fiance and explore everything in Australia.

This is an early birthday gift for me. I know saying Thank you is not enough but once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Ma Christine Jane Rafols
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A huge thank you to World2Australia Migration Solutions and to my migration agent Ms.Gloria Collins for everything you’ve done for me. I was granted my Permanent Residency last June 11,2018.I am profoundly grateful for the time ,effort and expertise you have extended to speed up the release of my papers. Everything you’ve done is much appreciated.

My husband Freddie and I are at a loss for words to describe our gratitude. But one thing is certain….We can always count on you Ate Glo and World2Australia Migration Solutions for any migration concerns. Thank you and more power!

Irene and Freddie
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My Visa granted Yesterday (Partner visa 309) I am very much happy! A Big Thanks to Ma’am Gloria Collins for assisting me with my provisional visa application offshore. We will never be apart with my husband no more. She was so nice and she explained well, very supportive, professional and quick to respond to all my questions even late at night . She also make sure to let me know if any update on my application and I highly recommend her to all my friends and acquaintances. Thank you so much Ms. Gloria xxx..
God bless u ma’am.

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My name is Merry Manullang

When I was confusing to work with my Guardian Visa there is my friend introduce me with Gloria.

For the first time she introduce me with Gloria I believe that Gloria is a person who can help me very well. She is such a humble, kind, and lovely lady. She is always contact me about my visa progress. I highly recommended Gloria to you all. If you need information about the visa don’t be hesitate to call or email Gloria to make appointment.

Thank you very much Gloria.

You are the best..

God bless you 😘😘
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I’d like to thank you for making all things possible. You made us partially complete… two more to go. Thank you for uniting us, we are almost complete. Indeed, we appreciate all your effort, support and kindness,Gloria Collins 🌹

I heartily recommend World2Australia Migration Solutions.

Rhea Dumo

I’m now just few steps away from going to Australia. Biggest thank you to Mrs. Collins for helping and assisting me all-through out the visa application. I would like to commend her professionalism and fast paced assistance. She was all the time consistent in every timeframe she provided and very much informative with regards to everything that matters about the application. I would definitely like to recommend their services to those who plan to apply for any Australian visa. Mrs. Collins’ assistance was incredibly fast and she was truly reliable. Again, my deepest gratitude to the company, World2Australia Migration Solutions!

Jonhner Mabunga

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