Student Visa

We will help you apply for the 'Class TU Student (Temporary) Visa'. Citizens and residents of other countries may apply to study full time in Australia, New Zealand and Canada at approved schools, institutions, and universities.

Skilled Migrant Visa

We will help you apply for a 'General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visa' to Australia and New Zealand. This program is for applicants who are not sponsored by employers and have skilled occupations, such as: Nurses, Doctors, Construction Workers, Teachers, and many more.

Marriage and Partner Visa

We will help you apply for a 'Marriage or Partner Visa' to Australia and New Zealand. This visa allows applicants the right to immigrate or gain entry into Australia.

Business Visa

We will help you to apply for a Business visa to Australia or New Zealand. This visa allows entrepreneurs and investors to invest or engage in business activities in Australia or New Zealand.


Our registered Australian Migration Agent, Gloria Collins, will assess your circumstances, help you understand visa guidelines, explain the correct processes, work with you on the correct forms and paperwork, and present your case to the Department of Immigration.

Gloria’s services will save you money by avoiding mistakes, and time because she knows the system well.

Secure your future by migrating to Australia, Canada or New Zealand.



  • A huge thank you to RMA Gloria Collins and the whole team of World2Australia Migration Solutions for their hard work, excellent and professional service in helping me obtain my Partner’s Visa. You guys made the confusing and stressful Visa Application an easy one by guiding, supporting and explaining clearly each steps of the process. It was the best decision trusting the team! Keep up the good work!

    Emerita Sarmiento

  • Gloria Collins helped me in securing a 489 visa back in 2018 and after completing two years residence and one year of work in Regional Area, I wanted to apply for 887 visa.
    As rules have become strict these days, I wanted to hire dedicated, experienced, and best migration agent in Australia. I got one name in my mind, Gloria Collins.
    I immediately contacted Gloria and got her professional service for 887 visa. She was helpful and extremely efficient in the whole process &
    committed to the success. We are extremely grateful and lucky to have gone again on this visa journey with her.
    One of the BEST parts is that we got (887) Permanent Resident visa in one month, It’s absolutely unbelievable. Hats off to you & your services.
    We were granted 887, Permanent Resident Visa on 23 June, 2020.
    Finally, my Family is Australian Permanent Resident now. !!!!!
    You are a STAR!!!!!
    Thanks Again GLORIA.

    Rakesh and Jawanti Kumar with their children Nevaan Soni and Herish Soni

  • Words cannot describe how happy we are after getting our Visa Skilled – Regional Sponsored (SubClass 489), and honestly speaking it was not possible without Gloria Collins Professional assistance.

    Moreover, I had difficulty with my previous agent; I was stressed and unsure of my future, my brother in Brisbane contacted her, and highly recommended her services. I am from Pakistan and never been to her office (Australia), and I always thought communicating with her can be a problem but honestly speaking she was always available on email, calls and WhatsApp & responded promptly.

    Gloria was extremely efficient in the whole process & committed to the success. We are extremely grateful and lucky to have gone on this visa journey with her.

    You are a STAR!!!!!

    Hats off to you & your services.

    Thanks Again GLORIA.

    The Rakesh Family

  • From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank Gloria Collins who fulfilled one of our greatest dreams come true – To be complete and live together here in Sydney. It was one of the happiest moments of our lives to celebrate Christmas and start the new year together. It wouldn’t have been the same without Gloria who has been the source of this achievement.

    We deeply appreciate and gratefully acknowledge Gloria all her understanding and kindness. We are so lucky to have her not only as our migration agent but most especially as a family and friend. A massive thank you to her for being there by our side as we begin our journey as a complete family. There are not enough words to express our sincerest gratitude for the assistance, support and understanding she has extended to our family. Gloria Collins is indeed extraordinary and creditably recommended.

    From our family ~ Louie, Rhea, Chaikat, Mognsrax, Ruxanni and Juakint ♥️


  • We would like to extend our greatest gratitude to you Ma’am Gloria Collins — a great agent, for all your excellent assistance and patience in processing our Australian visa application.

    To have the visa granted, a dream come true for all of us. Wish you all the best and thank you again for helping our family.

    Virgie Castaneda



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