Student Visa

We will help you apply for the 'Class TU Student (Temporary) Visa'. Citizens and residents of other countries may apply to study full time in Australia, New Zealand and Canada at approved schools, institutions, and universities.

Skilled Migrant Visa

We will help you apply for a 'General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visa' to Australia and New Zealand. This program is for applicants who are not sponsored by employers and have skilled occupations, such as: Nurses, Doctors, Construction Workers, Teachers, and many more.

Marriage and Partner Visa

We will help you apply for a 'Marriage or Partner Visa' to Australia and New Zealand. This visa allows applicants the right to immigrate or gain entry into Australia.

Business Visa

We will help you to apply for a Business visa to Australia or New Zealand. This visa allows entrepreneurs and investors to invest or engage in business activities in Australia or New Zealand.


Our registered Australian Migration Agent, Gloria Collins, will assess your circumstances, help you understand visa guidelines, explain the correct processes, work with you on the correct forms and paperwork, and present your case to the Department of Immigration.

Gloria’s services will save you money by avoiding mistakes, and time because she knows the system well.

Secure your future by migrating to Australia, Canada or New Zealand.



  • A huge thank you to World2Australia Migration Solutions and to my migration agent Ms.Gloria Collins for everything you’ve done for me. I was granted my Permanent Residency last June 11,2018. I am profoundly grateful for the time ,effort and expertise you have extended to speed up the release of my papers. Everything you’ve done is much appreciated.

    My husband Freddie and I are at a loss for words to describe our gratitude. But one thing is certain….We can always count on you Ate Glo and World2Australia Migration Solutions for any migration concerns. Thank you and more power!

    Irene and Freddie

  • I’m now just few steps away from going to Australia. Biggest thank you to Mrs. Collins for helping and assisting me all-through out the visa application. I would like to commend her professionalism and fast paced assistance. She was all the time consistent in every timeframe she provided and very much informative with regards to everything that matters about the application. I would definitely like to recommend their services to those who plan to apply for any Australian visa. Mrs. Collins’ assistance was incredibly fast and she was truly reliable. Again, my deepest gratitude to the company, World2Australia Migration Solutions!

    Jonhner Mabunga

  • I hope my testimonial below would help you reach more clients who deserve an excellent service!

    I just received my SC 491 visa yesterday and I owe Gloria and World2Australia a big thanks for their excellent and very efficient service! The process took more or less 1 month and it was way faster than i expected and that is because World2Australia is excellent at their job. They are thorough and I appreciate their effort to prompt me to do my part and I think that is what most of us expect from our agent. They are using a system that is organised and secured and reliable and that’s another benefit i enjoyed from engaging them.

    My money was worth it and I highly recommend World2Australia to anyone who needs assistance with their visa!

    I sincerely thank Gloria for all her efforts and dedication and I wish World2Australia more success. I hope to engage with you again in the future for PR and citizenship in God’s time.

    Best regards,
    Ms A. BSN,RN,AuRN
    Cairns QLD. Australia

    Ms A. BSN, RN, AuRN

  • Jen and I are very happy to know that! Thank you so much for your help and guidance throughout this process. I still have the PR process to go but at least the 820 part is done and dusted!

    World 2 Australia and Ms Gloria Collins has been excellent in guiding us through the entire partner visa application process from start to finish. It’s been a worry-free journey which leaves us to enjoy our lives and focus on our professions here in Australia. They have been in constant communication with us and we didn’t have to worry about any immigration-related issues that would have been brought about if we applied for the visa ourselves. Overall, a very professional and fantastic service!

    Ken Ralota

  • “You have given an exceptional service. We highly recommend to anyone who needs an Australian visa. Thank you for your sincere assistance”

    Louie Prieto



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