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What we do

Click to watch Gloria explain what World2australia does.


Are you thinking about studying in Australia?

We will help you apply for the ‘Class TU Student (Temporary) Visa’.
Citizens and residents of other countries may apply to study full time in Australia at approved schools, institutions, and universities.

Do you have a skill or qualification and want to work in Australia?

We will help you apply for a ‘General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visa’ to Australia.
This program is for applicants who are not sponsored by employers and have skilled occupations, such as: Nurses, Doctors, Construction Workers, Teachers, and many more.


We will help you apply for a ‘Marriage or Partner Visa’ to Australia.
This visa allows applicants the right to immigrate or gain entry into Australia.

We provide you with migration services and assistance applying for visas to Australia.

Our registered Australian Migration Agent, Gloria Collins, will assess your circumstances, help you understand visa guidelines, explain the correct processes, work with you on the correct forms and paperwork, and present your case to the Department of Immigration.

Gloria’s services will save you money by avoiding mistakes, and time because she knows the system well.