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Are you thinking about studying in Australia?

We will help you apply for the ‘Class TU Student (Temporary) Visa’.
Citizens and residents of other countries may apply to study full time in Australia at approved schools, institutions, and universities.

Do you have a skill or qualification and want to work in Australia?

We will help you apply for a ‘General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visa’ to Australia.
This program is for applicants who are not sponsored by employers and have skilled occupations, such as: Nurses, Doctors, Construction Workers, Teachers, and many more.

partner migration

We will help you apply for a ‘Marriage or Partner Visa’ to Australia.
This visa allows applicants the right to immigrate, or gain entry into Australia.

We provide you with migration services and assistance applying for visas to Australia.

Our registered Australian Migration Agent, Gloria Collins, will assess your circumstances, help you understand visa guidelines, explain the correct processes, work with you on the correct forms and paperwork, and present your case to the Department of Immigration.

Gloria’s services will save you money by avoiding mistakes, and time because she knows the system well.



Wassim Shalabi   "Thank you very much Gloria Collins for your personal attention and for going the extra mile working on your weekends, properly listening, being very active, ongoing prayers, and most importantly because you cared. Because of you we got a decision not to cancel my 457 visa without having an actual sponsor or even a nomination, this was not an option for me until you looked into my case along with its associated hardships with care and a keen eye. Because of your support I was able to properly present a case for the kind Cancellation Officer and eventually get my relief from a predicament that lasted for months, what we achieved was really big for me and, with no hesitation, I will be back to finalise my migration matters with you and only you 🙂 "
Jale Samuel Cortado "I waited for almost three years for my wife and daughter to get their visa granted. They have finally arrived and we are living together as one happy family. I thank God for meeting Gloria Collins in December. She helped me through the visa turmoil I encountered with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. I appreciate the full support she provided to my family and myself. May the Lord God bless her so she can bless others too."
Cherry Penuela  "Ma’am Gloria Collins of World 2 Australia was a blessing to me. When I asked her to help me, she willingly and happily assisted me. My first impression of her is beautiful of course. When I met her, she was very approachable, very down to earth and respectful. She was indeed a beautiful soul with a kind heart. She was excellent and reliable in her field and I trusted her. We got my visa granted by God’s grace and I am very thankful to her. Her knowledge and expertise in Australian Migration is highly recommendable to anyone applying for a visa to Australia. I can honestly say that you will not regret having the best assistance ever. Thank you."
Louie Prieto "You have given an exceptional service. We highly recommend to anyone who needs an Australian visa. Thank you for your sincere assistance"
Juhmar & Jennie "Yay! It was so quick! Many thanks to Gloria our migration agent who has been so professional, informative, helpful and always responds quickly to our inquiries. Gloria has been honest approachable and always on hand to advise the best route for us. Thumbs up to Gloria!"
Annabelle Vargas and Jason Love "Gloria provided the most Professional services with the personal touch. She simplified the long complicated visa application, outlining the different stages in the process, documentation and other requirements. This eased a lot of worry and stress for Annabelle and I as all we had to do was provide the documentation needed. So thank you heaps Gloria..... Maraming salamat sa tulong mu Gloria..."
Rogie, Krystle & Jorlhan - Gerona Siblings "Very Happy clients. We highly recommend Gloria Collins to our friends and family!"
Nishant Shrestha “Gloria was of immense help throughout the visa application process. After graduating from University, I was very confused about my visa options. So, I sought help from World 2 Australia Migration Solutions.”
Mike & Joy “During my visa application my partner was busy with his training courses. We were very stressed and anxious because we didn’t have any idea when and where to start the application process. With the help of Gloria (our Migration Agent) my visa application was easily processed before my student visa expired. Thank you for the excellent service Ma'am Gloria Collins!”
Mary Ann Hall “Gloria will take all the hard work out of the visa process, which can be a bit overwhelming. She makes it seem so easy and works with you every step of the way, keeping you informed of progress and regularly updating you on the next steps. Gloria will bring you happiness - like she did for us! Thank you so much Gloria. You are the best migration agent on the planet.”
Cheryl Joy De Guzman "Visa granted today!!! I am so happy! A huge thanks to Gloria Collins for assisting me with my 485 visa application in Australia. She was very supportive, polite, professional and quick to respond to my questions. She also took all my worries in the processing of my visa and I would definitely recommend her to everyone I know."
Joana Marie Alvarez Qunicina "My long wait is over! I am now practising as a nurse in Australia! I am glad that I met Tita Gloria. She has been very professional and transparent with me at all times. She has always responded promptly and provided me with a clear and straight forward answer. She stayed with me during my AHPRA registration and also whilst attending the IRON program to become a registered nurse in Australia. Cheers to Tita Gloria for being a part of my journey. May you be blessed always to help more people”