Student Visa

We will help you apply for the 'Class TU Student (Temporary) Visa'. Citizens and residents of other countries may apply to study full time in Australia, New Zealand and Canada at approved schools, institutions, and universities.

Skilled Migrant Visa

We will help you apply for a 'General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visa' to Australia and New Zealand. This program is for applicants who are not sponsored by employers and have skilled occupations, such as: Nurses, Doctors, Construction Workers, Teachers, and many more.

Marriage and Partner Visa

We will help you apply for a 'Marriage or Partner Visa' to Australia and New Zealand. This visa allows applicants the right to immigrate or gain entry into Australia.

Business Visa

We will help you to apply for a Business visa to Australia or New Zealand. This visa allows entrepreneurs and investors to invest or engage in business activities in Australia or New Zealand.


Our registered Australian Migration Agent, Gloria Collins, will assess your circumstances, help you understand visa guidelines, explain the correct processes, work with you on the correct forms and paperwork, and present your case to the Department of Immigration.

Gloria’s services will save you money by avoiding mistakes, and time because she knows the system well.

Secure your future by migrating to Australia, Canada or New Zealand.



  • “I’d like to jump for joy today because I received my temporary visa grant in lightning speed. I applied in May 2017 and I got granted my visa in 8 months time. Wow! Gloria Collins was hands down amazing.

    She got recommended by my sister. From the day I called her to inquire, she was very helpful and gave me all the necessary information we needed not knowing if we would take her services or not.

    Months passed and not knowing where to start, we decided to have her help us because we wanted to be 100% sure everything was done correctly. We never saw each other in person, as she is based in Queensland and we live in NSW, everything was done by email.

    Every time we had a question or uncertainties, she would reply right away and cleared everything out. Even when she was on her leave, she still managed to reply to our emails and texts.

    She was very clear with everything that we needed to do and made sure we gave all the necessary and important documents and more. She is reliable and professional and I am so happy we decided to get her services because I would have been so lost with everything.

    Thank you so much for all your help, Gloria and I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs it.

    Now, I can stay in Australia with my family And we will always be thankful!

    So happy finally our visa’s granted ..thank u saaming magaling na agent Gloria Collins makauwe na din soonnnn.”

    Lesty and Mat

  • I, Jillian Hudson have found Gloria Collins to be a most excellent migration agent.

    We originally given her name of this wonderful person by word of mouth from another satisfied client.

    Earlier I had made other enquiries about getting my partner Ambel a Filipina a Visitors Visa to enjoy spending some quality time with me in Australia.

    Because my partner was previously married and that she and did not have an annulment yet, several other MARM agents that I had earlier contacted either gave me incorrect information that she needed annulment before it was possible to bring the love of my life here or they wanted too much money just to listen to what I was saying.

    Firstly Gloria Collins was honest, upfront and thorough, even from my first phone conversation with her, from which she took excellent notes of what I was telling her of my beloved’s background.

    Gloria could tell that we were a couple who were genuinely in love.
    From that point onwards she started to inform is of what extra important information that my Filipina partner would need to acquire.

    At the same time I had to fill in Gloria’s companies very thorough Client Information Questionnaire about both our backgrounds and our timeline of our early relationship contact through to our first meetup and details the level of commitment to each other as well as both are family backgrounds.

    Gloria personally walked us through the Visitor Visa Application for my partner using this personal information from that questionnaire plus Ambel’s gathering further documentary evidence as required from the Philippines.

    And because of the thoroughness of Gloria’s work our application was accepted in a speedy manner.

    Giving me and my partner Ambel the opportunity to be together in Australia is a reason that I cannot thank Gloria enough for her excellent work.

    Jillian Hudson

  • Hi Ms. Gloria, this is my testimonial.

    When I finally got an email from Ms. Gloria Collins letting me know that my Tourist Visa Sub-class 600 has been granted, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw it. It feels like I’m dreaming but it’s not and it is happening.

    Even though my case was somewhat complicated since I am working for only 11 months in my company knowing that not all people like me can get this opportunity for just one click. But then Ms. Gloria stayed being positive that I can get it done.

    On behalf of my Fiance, I would like to say Thank you so much for all your assistance in assisting us to get this done. We are so happy and relieved that it has gone through.

    We thought that we will get this result for like two and a half weeks but it’s not, we got the great news after a week when Ms. Gloria lodged my Tourist Visa. Now, I am looking forward to spend time with my Fiance and explore everything in Australia.

    This is an early birthday gift for me. I know saying Thank you is not enough but once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    Ma Christine Jane Rafols

  • Good day everyone!! My family and I just want to say thank you to World2Australia Migration Solutions for helping us get our visas. We’ve been with them since day 1. From getting our tourist visas to visa subclass 820 (Provisional Visa) which was granted yesterday afternoon!! ❤️

    Also, big thanks to Ms. Gloria for all the assistance and guidance all throughout the process! We are very grateful to have you as our migration agent.

    More power and God bless us all

    Maria Donna Cajayon, Francine Cajayon and Glen Braid

  • “You have given an exceptional service. We highly recommend to anyone who needs an Australian visa. Thank you for your sincere assistance”

    Louie Prieto



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