Applicants undergo initial assessment by the Registered Migration Agent (RMA)to determine visa eligibility.

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Applicants answer the RMA questionnaire and provide information relevant to the visa application.


Applicants decide the type of visa they want to apply for (permanent or temporary).

The RMA will help determine the visa type that meets the applicant’s specific circumstances and guide them through the application process.


The RMA completes the visa application form corresponding to the visa subclass on behalf of the applicant

The RMA lodges the form online or by post to a specified Department of Home Affairs office. Please note, an application for a visa is valid, only if:

1. It is a visa of a class specified in the application

2. It satisfies criteria and requirements prescribed under this section

3. A correct visa application charge is paid at time of applicationForms submitted by applicants younger than 18 years of age have been signed by their parents or legal guardian.


Supporting documentation may be required, depending on the applicant’s visa type. Applicants will need to provides the relevant documents as per checklist of their visa subclass.All supporting documents must be submitted together with the application.

Documents, which are not in English, must be accompanied by a NAATI certified translation.


After lodging the application, the Department of Home Affairs office may contact applicants to request additional information.

Please note, decisions can be made based on the information made available.

It is important that applicants provide all specified documentation upon lodging their application.

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