Employer-Nominated/ sponsored visas (ENS)

This visa is for applicants who has qualification and work experience in an occupation that is in one of Australia’s skilled occupation list and has an employer willing and able to sponsor/nominate. The visa may be a temporary work visa or may be a permanent visa depending on the employer nomination and years of work experience.

General Skilled Migration (GSM)

This is a points-tested skilled migration visa. Applicants with occupations in the Medium- and Long-Term Strategic Skills list may be eligible to be invited to apply for the Independent skilled migration visa (permanent). Applicants with occupations in the Short Term skilled occupation list or the Regional occupation list may consider the State nominated skilled migration visa (permanent) or the Skilled Regional state nominated visa (provisional).

Global Talent visas

This visa program is to help grow Australia’s innovation and tech economies. This visa is for applicants with current salary of at least $153600 or have a job offer for at least $153600 or can earn at least $153600 base on market evidence or have completed a PhD in the last three years and must have a nominator. It focuses on the following ten priority sector

o Resources (critical minerals)
o Agri-food and ag tech (application of technology to agriculture and food production)
o Energy (clean energy and renewables)
o Health industries (Life sciences, biomedical technology)
o Defence, advance manufacturing space
o Circular economy (recycling and clean energy)
o DigiTech (data Sciences, cyber security)
o Infrastructure and tourism
o Financial services and Fin Tech (technology that seeks to improve and automate the
delivery and use of financial services)
o Education

Student visas and Training visas

This will allow visa holders to enter Australia for a period to study an eligible course to study or to undertake occupational training with an approved temporary activity sponsor.

Business visas

This visa is for successful business innovators and investors who intend to invest or enter business in Australia to contribute to the Australian economy growth.

Family visas

This visa will allow entry to Australia temporarily or permanently to join their partner, spouse or other family members.