There are currently 82,000 applications for 1st stage partner visa in the pipeline this year 2019. We can make your dream a reality by helping you through the Australian visa application process for your partner.
Do you want your partner/spouse to enter or stay and live with you in Australia? There are different things to consider to bring your partner or family over to join you temporarily or permanently in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs has specified various eligibility criteria that need to be met in order to make a successful application.

Below are the different options to consider:

(A) Location where you will be when the application is lodged Will you be applying onshore whilst you are in Australia or offshore (outside Australia)?

(B) Details of your relationship. The applicant and the sponsor must be able to demonstrate the state of their relationship as this is a critical criteria necessary to the success of your application.

In a de facto relationship
(C) Prospective marriage visa for those who are engaged. This is lodged when the applicant is outside Australia. The applicant must first enter Australia before getting married once this visa is granted. Once married, you may then lodge a partner visa base on marriage while in Australia.

(E) Partner visa base on marriage. Must be legally married. This can be lodged either while the applicant is inside or outside Australia.

(F) There are two stages for the partner visa application. Visa applicant is eligible for 2nd stage of the application, two years from the lodgement of the first stage application.

(G) Evidence of relationship must show the relationship is genuine, continuing and committed to the exclusion of all others. The four aspects of the relationship that must be evidenced include the financial aspect, social aspect, nature of household and nature of commitment.

(H) The visa application charge is currently $7160 but will be increasing by 5.4% on 1 Jul 2019.

(I) The estimated processing time is available on the department website

Current Statistics:

There are currently 82,000 applications for 1st stage partner visa in the pipeline
For the 2nd stage partner visa applications in the pipeline is 156,000
Applications that are now ready for 2nd stage processing is 35,000
The Migration program planning levels for 2019-2020 for the partner stream are 39,799 visas