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Jeff’s Testimonial

Hi Gloria,

I really thank you for all the help. Seriously, this is a big deal to my family here in the Philippines. Please see the testimonial that I created for your website. This is quite long though, you can edit it if needed. I also attached here the picture of my own family so it will be more impacting to your clients.

Here it goes.

Family is the first word that comes to my mind every time I think of how World2Australia helped me doing the first step for securing my future.

I was an overly confident guy who believed in his self too much. I graduated and passed licensing examination for Philippines Nursing last 2010 but wasn’t able to practice my profession due to high competition which resulted me doing jobs which is not related to my profession.

It was good and I can say that the  previous jobs that I had became my bread and butter. It paid for my basic needs, luxuries and things that I want to buy. For 6 years, I am deserted to my comfort zone and doesn’t want to go out of it saying to myself that I can just stay with it since it can make a living. I didn’t realize that time is passing by and I need to have growth personally and career wise.

Until I have my own family.

I decided to challenge myself to go back to my beloved profession and applied for a student visa in Australia last July of 2016. Since I was too confident that time and thinking that it was only for a student visa, I decided to do it on my own. Starting from having the requirements, down to lodging my visa application, my guide was purely a word of mouth. After 3 months of waiting anxiously, my visa was refused due to insufficient documents. I said to myself that if only I had a professional guidance, probably my visa will get approved.

Immediately after the refusal, I searched the website of Australia to get assistance for my reapplication. I emailed numerous migration agent that I found and it was only Gloria Collins from World2Australia who responded patiently, quickly and professionally to the tons of questions that I threw in. I didn’t feel that I was alone to my journey of conquering the unknown fear that I might face because of the assistance that the World2Australia provided to me. That was the time I decided to get their professional help.

During the process of getting the required documents that I need, Gloria was so responsive to the questions that I have asked. She told me the things need to be done and the things that I need to have in order to have a more positive result in the Student Visa application process.

After over a month, there were no words to express my happiness when they sent me the result of the application. Finally, it got approved without any hassle!

The convenience and peace of mind that their service provided to me is immeasurable by any amount of money. World2Australia provided me the ladder that I need to have that first step to succeed and to secure the future of my family. I realized that in life, sometimes what we need is a helping hand which will always be there in times of need. There are words to express my gratitude with the service provided to me. Now, I am ready to face life in Australia with my family and that is because of World2Australia.